The Wrestling Attitude in the Riverview Personal Injury Lawyer

The Wrestling Attitude in the Riverview Personal Injury Lawyer

Even the casual wrestling fan understands in 2018 that wrestling is a form of athletic theater. It’s the theater of wrestling that attracted me to the wrestling business because a jury trial is theater. A jury trial is the ultimate championship match in personal injury law.

Lessons From a Former Wrestler

Here are a few things I learned from professional wrestling directly applicable to trying a personal injury case.

  1. Passion is everything. Whatever character you’re playing in the ring you must BE that character. You must be passionate about that character’s reason for being – whether he’s an All-American type like Hulk Hogan of the 1980s or the rule-breaking bad boy like Stone Cold Steve Austin of the 1990s. Similarly, the trial lawyer must be relentlessly passionate about his client’s case. He or she must believe to the depths of his soul that client deserves to win the personal injury case.
  2. Control your emotions. Not everything goes your way in a wrestling match. You may get hurt. You may break a couple of bones in your face in the middle of a match as I did in 2013, but you must control your emotions, not lose yourself and follow the plan. Similarly, in a trial, things will not always go your way. A witness may blatantly lie; the judge may rule against you on a key objection. Despite these setbacks, a good Riverview personal injury trial lawyer always keeps his cool. It’s easy to get cliche here by the way. “Keeping your cool” doesn’t mean you’re impervious like some movie superhero. It doesn’t mean that you don’t feel negative emotions coming on. Keeping your cool means you’re able to mentally calm yourself and put whatever happened behind you within a few moments.
  3. Think on your feet. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned in a wrestling match. Sometimes a wrestling match isn’t even planned and the wrestlers just wing it like Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant did in Wrestlemania 3. As in wrestling, a trial never, ever goes as planned. The judge, or defendant’s counsel, or a witness will always throw you for a loop. A great Riverview personal injury lawyer has to react, must be ready for anything. Often folks confuse “being ready for anything” as trying to prepare for every single contingency as I did when I was a young lawyer. Preparation is key and would be on this list if I expanded, but what is more important is a relaxed and open mind that is absorbing the surroundings. The mind is an amazing thing if you let it work and don’t hamstring yourself with negative emotions and self put-downs.

Sometimes in Riverview personal injury cases, you’re just not going to get justice unless you’re willing to go a few rounds with the insurance company in a trial. Your #LawyerWrestler and his colleagues can help you fight your way to a victory. Call Frank Santini at 813-445-6121, your dedicated Riverview personal injury lawyer and former NWA Florida Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.

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