Slip and Fall Personal Injury Accidents in Riverview Stores, Restaurants and Other Public Places

Slip and Fall Personal Injury Accidents in Riverview Stores, Restaurants and Other Public Places

Stores, restaurants and other public facilities have a tough job. They are required by law to keep their premises reasonably safe for their patrons. As a general rule, they do a pretty good job, but mistakes are made, and sometimes those mistakes cause innocent victims to suffer catastrophic personal injuries in a slip and fall. Sometimes floors are mopped with no warning to patrons of the wet floor. Sometimes items or food are left in the middle of an aisle for an unsuspecting patron to step on. Sometimes potholes are not addressed in the parking lot. There are innumerable scenarios in the world of premises liability. When the premises owner has created a dangerous situation or failed to timely address a dangerous situation then the victim of the slip and fall has a right to recover compensation.

Slip & Fall Accidents Can Cause Serious Personal Injuries

  • Broken bones. Slip and fall victims often suffer fractured bones. My 90 year-old grandmother likes to tell me “not to get old” and one of the reasons she laments her age is because of osteoporosis, which is a degenerative bone disease. For our seniors out there, unfortunately, it does not take having osteoporosis to be more susceptible to fracturing a bone in a slip and fall. We see lot of fractures of the hip in senior citizens from slip and falls. We also see a lot of elbow and wrist breaks because folks tend to try to break their falls with their hands.
  • Brain injury. Often times the slip and fall victim is unable to protect their head during the fall. As a result, the slip and fall victim’s head is impacted resulting in a concussion. In more serious personal injury cases, the slip and fall victim suffers a traumatic brain injury.
  • Back injuries. Back injuries resulting from a slip and fall are also common. Frequently, previous back injuries are severely exacerbated by a slip and fall in a restaurant or grocery store. Florida law allows Riverview slip and fall victims to recover for a back injury that has been aggravated even when a person had previous back problems. Back injuries can occur from any type of awkward landing during a fall. Bulging disc injuries often occur when someone slips and falls and lands hard on their bottom. Sometimes a slip and fall victim is lucky and the general soreness or muscle ache from their slip and fall will resolve itself on its own. Other times, the injury is more serious like a bulging disc, a fractured vertebra or even an injury to the spinal cord itself. In the most serious of cases, a tragic slip and fall can cause paralysis in the slip and fall victim.

Riverview Slip and Fall Lawyer Frank Santini has experienced the other side of slip and fall personal injury cases. After representing a major restaurant chain for years, he understands the protocols and processes at restaurants, grocery stores, department stores and other public places where slip and falls occur. If you are looking for a Riverview slip and fall attorney near you that knows how the stores and restaurants think, call Santini Law today.

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