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We live in a time where people are constantly hurrying from place to place, and unfortunately, this attitude frequently leads to negligent behavior, which, unfortunately, often causes serious accidents. If you’ve been injured in an accident due to another party’s negligence, the most important thing you can do is retain the legal services of a knowledgeable Apollo Beach personal injury lawyer who has been serving the wrongly injured in his community for years. The Frank Santini Law Firm is a steadfast advocate for all those who’ve been wrongly injured in Apollo Beach and throughout Florida, and if you find yourself in this situation, you can count on our firm to fight for the compensation you deserve as well. Contact our firm today to learn more about what we can do for you.

What Is Comparative Fault in Personal Injury Cases?

Florida follows a comparative fault system in personal injury cases that determines how much compensation an injured party, or plaintiff, can recover based on their share of the blame for the accident. It is modified from a comparative negligence system with a key threshold that states if the injured party is found 51% or more at fault for their own injury, they are barred from recovering any damages.

The comparative fault system makes it essential that the plaintiff proves with accuracy and evidence who is majorly at fault for the accident. This system of assigning fault assigns a percentage of fault to each party involved in the accident, and the plaintiff’s compensation is reduced by their percentage of fault below 51%. For example, if a plaintiff is 20% at fault and their damages total $100,000, they would receive $80,000 in compensation.

To prove fault, the plaintiff typically has to provide proof that the other individual held a duty of care to them. Then, they must prove that they breached this duty of care and that this breach ultimately led to their injury and harm. In the example of medical malpractice, the medical provider holds a duty of care to perform their job to a reasonable standard of care to their patient, and if they prescribe too large of a dose of their patient’s medication, that leads to their patient’s injury, they can be held liable.

Understanding comparative fault is essential because it directly impacts how much compensation an injured party can receive. As a plaintiff, you must demonstrate a low percentage of fault on your part to recover damages while at the same time establishing that the other party’s negligence is at fault for your losses. At large, the more fault you hold, the less compensation you can receive, and you might even be ineligible for compensation.

Ways a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Unforeseen injuries can happen anywhere at any time. Whether you are gearing up to visit the St. Pete Pier or the Manatee Viewing Center, you can know and trust that a personal injury lawyer is ready to help you no matter what happens. The support of a personal injury lawyer can mean the difference between full and fair compensation and no damage recovery at all.

A personal injury lawyer can offer essential support, which is especially necessary under a comparative fault system that is highly impacted by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault. Learn more below.

  • Case Evaluation and Guidance: A lawyer can assess the details of your case and determine if you have the legal merits to pursue damage recovery. They will advise you on the likelihood of success and the potential value of your claim.
  • Investigation and Evidence Gathering: Lawyers will deploy a thorough investigation to gather evidence that proves the other party’s negligence and the connection to your injuries and damages. Your lawyer may collect police reports, medical records, witness statements, and accident scene photos to support your position.
  • Negotiation and Litigation Support: Lawyers are skilled negotiators and will fight for you to receive maximum and fair compensation that covers your economic and non-economic losses. If negotiations are unsatisfactory, they will proceed toward litigation and present your case in front of a judge and jury representing your position and presenting all compelling arguments and evidence.
  • Administrative Support: Throughout the process, your lawyer can handle many of the case’s administrative needs. This can include filling out and filing documents, staying on top of deadlines, and other relevant practices and requirements.
  • Legal Advocacy: By choosing to work with a personal injury lawyer, you are enlisting the support of a trusted legal advocate. Throughout the process, they will work to ensure that your rights are protected and that your questions and concerns are addressed.

By offering these essential services and more, a personal injury lawyer in Florida can significantly increase your chances of a successful outcome and ensure you receive fair compensation for your losses.

Why Hire an Apollo Beach Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you’ve recently been seriously injured in an accident due to no fault of your own, you should ensure that you hire the right personal injury attorney to represent your legal matter. The Frank Santini Law Firm is dedicated to helping accident victims throughout Apollo Beach recover their rightful compensation after sustaining injuries due to negligence, and he is ready to fight for your right to heal as well.

Our Legal Services

Auto accidents are the most common types of accidents that our firm sees. Unfortunately, even if you are not the one driving, such as being a passenger on a bus, you are still at risk of serious injury. For this reason, The Frank Santini Law Firm handles a wide array of auto accident claims, including the following:

Unfortunately, serious accidents can occur just about anywhere, whether walking down the road, shopping for groceries, receiving medical care and more, which is why our Apollo Beach personal injury lawyer represents victims who’ve been harmed in all of the following situations:

  • Catastrophic Injuries
  • Dog Bites
  • Gas Explosions
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability
  • Slip and Fall Accidents
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Work Injuries
  • Wrongful Death


Q: What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases?

A: Some of the most common types of personal injury cases include car accidents, premises liability cases, wrongful death, product liability, and medical malpractice. Within each of these types of personal injury cases, there is a wide array of scenarios, injuries, and damage types with varying degrees of severity and implications, making this a large field of law. This can include bicycle accidents that lead to serious injuries or even amputation and more.

Personal injury covers cases where an individual was harmed or suffered damage due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another party.

Q: What Is the New Personal Injury Law in Florida?

A: The new personal injury law in Florida was enacted in 2023 and is called the Florida Tort Reform Act of 2023. Tort law is another term used for personal injury. This law brought about significant changes, such as a shortened statute of limitations, a change to a comparative fault system, and the requirement of a letter of protection after a settlement. To learn more, speak with a qualified personal injury lawyer in Florida.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury in Florida?

A: The statute of limitations for personal injury in Florida is now two years from the date of injury. The state previously held a four-year statute of limitation rule for personal injuries but has shortened it through the Florida Tort Reform Act of 2023. This means that individuals suffering personal injuries must take efficient and quick legal action so they do not miss their window of opportunity to pursue compensation.

Q: When Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida?

A: You should hire a personal injury lawyer in Florida as soon as you have suffered an injury or damage through the fault of another individual. Seeking professional support is crucial if you have endured serious injuries, the fault is disputed, and there are insurance issues. If you are facing complex legal matters or have a high-value claim, the support of a personal injury lawyer can prove essential.

Q: How Much Do Personal Injury Lawyers Cost in Florida?

A: The amount a personal injury lawyer costs in Florida can vary with each unique case and is dependent on several factors. A major influence on lawyer fees includes their fee structure. In many cases, an attorney operates under contingency fees, which pay the attorney a percentage of a final settlement amount. Other factors that influence attorney prices include the location, the attorney’s experience level, any case-related costs, and more. Speak with your attorney to understand their fee expectations.

Contact Our Apollo Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

Accident victims in Apollo Beach and throughout Florida need a personal injury attorney they can depend on. When the chips are down, our Apollo Beach personal injury lawyer is here to help. Do not bear the brunt of the cost of medical bills, surgeries, rehabilitation, and more after sustaining an injury due to no fault of your own. Simply contact The Frank Santini Law Firm today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.


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