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Bicycling is popular throughout Hillsborough County for many reasons. Some ride their bikes for easy local transportation, saving money on gas for their vehicles when they only need to go short distances. Some use bikes to commute, and others simply ride for exercise or pleasure. While bicyclists are often able to reach their destinations without issue, the reality is that every bicyclist faces significant risks every time they take their bike on the road alongside motor vehicle traffic.

Helping Bicycle Accident Victims Recover in Riverview, FL

A recent fatal accident on Big Bend Road in June of 2023 is a harrowing reminder of the risks that bicyclists face every day. A woman trying to walk her bicycle across the road was fatally struck by at least one motorist, and local police are still searching for the at-fault drivers. Bicyclists are vulnerable in more ways than standard motor vehicle drivers because they are smaller and easier to overlook in many situations. If you ride a bicycle in the Riverview area, it is crucial to understand this risk and take steps to limit your chance of being struck by a motorist while riding your bike.

Santini Law Firm can provide the compassionate and detail-oriented legal counsel you will need in the aftermath of a bicycle accident that someone else caused. It’s technically possible to pursue this type of case on your own, but you would be unlikely to reach the same quality of results that a seasoned Riverview bicycle accident lawyer could attain for you. In every case our firm accepts, we aim for maximum client recovery in the most efficient manner possible.

Gathering Evidence after a Bicycle Accident in Riverview

Before you will be able to recover compensation for your damages from a bicycle accident, you must determine the specific cause of the accident. Florida is a no-fault state when it comes to resolving car accidents, meaning all drivers are legally required to have auto insurance and they must claim against their own insurance after an accident, regardless of who was at fault. While the state technically considers bicycles as vehicles for the purposes of insurance, insurance is not strictly required for a bicycle. If you have auto insurance and suffer an injury in a bicycle accident, your insurance might apply, but there are thousands of people living throughout the Riverview area who ride bicycles and do not have auto insurance.

Proving fault will be crucial for recovering your losses after another party has injured you in a bicycle accident. If you cannot recover your losses through insurance, you will need to prove fault and then pursue compensation with a personal injury claim. Evidence you may need to firmly establish liability for your bicycle accident in Riverview could include the following:

  • Testimony from witnesses who saw the bicycle accident happen firsthand. Your attorney can help identify any witnesses and secure their statements so they can support your side of the case.
  • Digital records, such as the at-fault driver’s cell phone records. These could be used to prove the driver was distracted by their cell phone at the time of the accident.
  • Traffic camera recordings. There are many intersections and sections of roads throughout Hillsborough County equipped with traffic cameras to monitor traffic and identify drivers who commit moving violations and cause accidents. Your bicycle accident attorney in Riverview may seek traffic camera video footage to help prove fault for your recent accident. In addition, local businesses’ security footage can be helpful for the same reasons.
  • Expert witness testimony. An attorney might consult various expert witnesses if necessary to prove fault for your bicycle accident. Medical professionals, engineers, and accident reconstruction experts often participate in complex civil cases to help plaintiffs prove liability for their damages and to prove the exact extent of those damages.

Every injured bicyclist in Riverview will face different challenges when it comes to proving liability for the accidents they’ve experienced. Most of the bicycle accidents reported in the area result from negligence, or failure to exercise reasonable care behind the wheel. Distracted driving, moving violations, and light speeding are a few examples of negligence that could cause a bicycle accident. However, bicycle accidents may also happen because of illegal misconduct behind the wheel, like reckless driving or driving under the influence (DUI). If your bicycle accident was the result of any illegal misconduct, the defendant who caused the crash is likely to face criminal charges alongside their liability for your damages.

What Kinds of  Damages Can I Recover after  a Bicycle Accident Case in Riverview

Tragically, whenever a motor vehicle driver hits a bicyclist, the bicyclist has a high chance of suffering catastrophic injuries or even fatal injuries. Once the victim has recovered as much compensation as they can through available insurance, the next step of their recovery efforts will be filing a personal injury suit against the at-fault driver.

The main objective of a personal injury suit is to hold a defendant accountable for the harm they’ve caused and to prove the full extent of the victim’s damages. A successful personal injury claim for a bicycle accident in Riverview can provide the plaintiff with compensation to account for their economic damages or the direct financial losses they suffered because of the accident. However, they also have the right to claim additional compensation beyond economic damages depending on the severity of their experience.

Every personal injury claim filed in Riverview will entail economic damages, which may include:

  • Property losses. You may be able to recover the cost of repairing or replacing your bike through an insurance claim, but any outstanding property losses must be claimed through your personal injury suit.
  • Medical expenses. Insurance may include personal injury protection (PIP), but it may not be enough to fully compensate your damages. Many bicyclists suffer extreme injuries that will not only require extensive immediate treatment but also ongoing rehabilitative care. The defendant who injured you is liable for all costs associated with all medical treatment you will require to reach maximum medical improvement from your injuries. “Maximum medical improvement” is a legal phrase used in personal injury cases. It means you have reached the point in your medical care after a bicycle accident that your doctor does not believe that your condition improve any further.  It is typically at this point when the personal injury attorney gathers all your medical records to finalize a claim on your behalf.
  • Lost wages. When you have been rendered unable to work because of your injury, the defendant becomes liable for your lost income. Your Riverview, FL bicycle accident attorney could help calculate the amount of future income you will no longer be able to earn if the accident left you permanently disabled, impacting your earning capacity.

The average bicycle accident victim may be able to assess their immediate economic damages, but they are likely to struggle when it comes to calculating the long-term financial impact of a bicycle accident. When you choose Santini Law Firm to handle your case, you are investing in a responsive legal advocate who can not only answer any questions that arise throughout your proceedings but also assist you in the accurate calculation of all your claimable economic losses.

Your recovery from your bicycle accident will not end with your economic damages, however. The state’s personal injury statutes also allow a plaintiff to claim compensation for the pain and suffering a defendant caused. The average person is likely to find it difficult to determine a suitable amount to reflect physical pain and psychological trauma resulting from a bicycle accident, but a seasoned bicycle accident attorney in Riverview, FL can provide the guidance they need for this aspect of their case.

Attorneys generally seek pain and suffering compensation for their clients, reflecting the overall severity of the client’s injuries and the time it will likely take for them to fully recover. This means that a plaintiff who has suffered life-changing permanent disabilities is likely to secure much more in pain and suffering compensation than a plaintiff expected to make a full recovery in the short term. For many personal injury plaintiffs in Riverview, pain and suffering compensation accounts for a large portion of total compensation.

What to Expect From Your Riverview Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The right attorney is a tremendous asset in any complex personal injury claim in Riverview. When you choose Santini Law Firm, you can count on our firm to help gather the evidence needed to prove liability for your bicycle accident and then determine your next steps toward recovery. If you must file an auto insurance claim after the accident, our team can guide you through the claim filing process and ensure your claim is considered fairly.

Once you recover as much as you can through insurance, we will then assist you in building your personal injury case against the at-fault driver. Most of the personal injury suits filed in Riverview do not go to trial as the settlement process allows all parties involved to avoid the stress, expense, and time commitment required of litigation. Santini Law Firm will aim to settle your claim quickly if possible, but we’re ready to represent you in court if necessary.

A bicycle accident has the potential to be a life-changing experience, imposing substantial economic problems on you and your family. Santini Law Firm has years of experience resolving the toughest personal injury cases on behalf of Riverview area clients, and we’re ready to put this experience to work for you. Contact us today to schedule a free case evaluation with a Riverview bicycle accident attorney and learn how we can help with your recovery efforts.


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