Riverview Car Accident Statistics

Riverview Car Accident Statistics

Auto accidents can result in serious injuries such as whiplash, spinal cord damage, and even death. Fatal car crashes in Florida increased by 12.7% between 2020 and 2021. This alarming rate led to Florida being among the states that launched the “Operation Southern Slow Down” campaign to reduce reckless driving behaviors, particularly along I-95. Keep reading to learn about Riverview car accident statistics, what causes these accidents, and more.

Common Causes for Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving is one frequent reason for car incidents. Drivers who aren’t paying attention are likely to miss visual indicators such as traffic lights and signs and to not stop in time for sudden breaks or pedestrians or cyclists. Distractions may come from phone usage, passengers, daydreaming or being absorbed in thought, eating/drinking, checking the mirror and/or applying makeup, and environmental distractions.

Similarly, reckless driving is also a common cause of vehicle accidents. Reckless behavior while operating a car is often purposefully negligent, such as driving drunk or impaired by drugs; driving under the influence (DUI) or when fatigued can affect one’s ability to pay attention to their vehicle and surroundings, react quickly, and make rational choices.

Collisions can also result from traffic violations. Choosing to not adhere to traffic laws can cause various moving violations likely to end in a serious accident. Examples include illegal turns, ignoring traffic lights/running through a red light, failing to yield to right-of-way parties, and dismissing stop signs and yield signs.

Additionally, drivers must remain aware of pedestrians or cyclists who also may not be diligent when following traffic regulations and indicators; never expect or assume others will do as they are supposed to or that they automatically see you. Pedestrians and cyclists, as well as animals, may take early or sudden action while in the path of your vehicle.

Speeding Carries Extreme Risks for Car Crashes

Speeding is a major type of reckless driving that has the potential to cause extensive damage and injury. Speeding drivers are more likely to get into accidents because higher speeds reduce one’s ability to maneuver easily and quickly, impacting their reaction time to sudden changes in traffic and the environment. Even driving a bit over the speed limit, let alone exceedingly, greatly increases the potential for severe or fatal injury.

One study’s data exemplifies that a victim hit by a vehicle moving at 30 mph is 70 percent more likely to sustain fatal injuries than if they were struck by a car traveling at 25 mph. As might be expected, higher speeds have larger and more violent forces of impact.

It’s crucial to adhere to local speed limits as they are posted strategically with vehicle physics and roadway factors in mind. Lower speed limits are needed for sharp curves and turns on a roadway, steep hills that limit visibility, narrow streets and bridges, areas near traffic signs or signals, merges/ramps, etc.

Areas Where Car Collisions Are Likely to Happen in Riverview, FL

Accidents tend to occur along interstate highways, frequently used roadways, and within intersections in general. Here are some spots to keep an eye out for potential traffic dangers in Riverview:

  • The interstate highway, I-75, runs through Riverview and often sees heavy usage by commuters from Tampa, Sarasota, and Bradenton. With drivers rushing to get home, it’s common for speeding and distracted driving-related truck accidents to happen in this area.
  • The highway US-301 is often filled with heavy traffic and sporadic flow. Rear-end accidents are common along this path, particularly those that result from distracted drivers.
  • Furthermore, any intersections along Route 301 and across Hillsborough County especially are susceptible to accidents. Intersections are dangerous due to a lot of simultaneous activity coming from all directions. Drivers going through red lights, failing to yield, and rear-ending another car are likely to happen.


Q: Where Do Most Fatal Car Accidents Occur?

A: Most fatal car accidents occur on the interstate, other major roadways, and intersections. In recent years, the counties of Duval County and St. Johns County saw the greatest increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents, with I-95, I-295, and County Road 210 as commonly cited areas for incidents.

During 2023, more than 16 percent of all reported accidents occurred in Miami-Dade County, with the number of fatalities— pedestrians and motorists— increasing from the previous year.

Q: At What Speed Do Most Fatal Car Accidents Happen?

A: Most fatal car accidents happen at a speed exceeding the local speed limit. Some research found risks of serious injury or death rise rapidly with each increase in a driver’s mile-per-hour speed; the faster a vehicle is moving, especially above speed limits mandated by authorities, the greater the potential for fatality.

Speeding drivers are likely to cause a collision because their reaction time and maneuverability are decreased, and it takes longer to reach a full stop or slow enough speed.

Q: What Vehicle Gets into the Most Accidents?

A: Passenger vehicles, such as sedans or compact cars, get into the most accidents resulting in injury or death, making up 35 percent of vehicle fatalities (and 54 percent of injuries) in 2020– 13,472 deaths and over a million total injuries.

This is much higher compared to the second most likely vehicle to get into a collision, SUVs, which account for 13 percent of accident deaths, with a total of 5,075 fatalities and 486,652 injuries occurring in 2020.

Q: Who Gets Hurt the Most in a Car Accident?

A: Single-vehicle accident victims account for 60 percent of all car collision fatalities; persons aged between 25 and 34 reportedly have the highest rate of accident deaths, accounting for 20% of vehicle fatalities.

Within speed-related crashes, the elderly and other frail persons are more at risk of fatal injury than young adults. For example, a 40-mph accident has roughly a 36 percent chance of killing a 30-year-old, while a 70-year-old victim is approximately 70 percent at risk of deadly harm.

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