Work Accident Causes Personal Injury Wrongful Death at Granite Store

Work Accident Causes Personal Injury Wrongful Death at Granite Store

Tragically, a teenager was killed when a pile of granite fell on him at a granite store in east Tampa, Palm River area about fifteen minutes from Riverview. The accident happened on New Year’s Day at approximately 3:30 p.m.
The Frank Santini Law Firm passes along its sincere condolences to all those affected by this tragic workplace wrongful death accident. Mere words aren’t enough unfortunately in the wake of these wrongful death accidents.

Worker’s compensation is a term most people, especially workers in dangerious jobs with a lot of personal injury accidents, are familiar with. Workers comp will play a part in just about every personal injury accident happening in or around the jobsite, office, and even on the way or coming from the job in some cases. But, when accidents at work occur that result in serious personal injuries like the loss of fingers, loss of a hand, brain injury, torn ligaments, and, sadly, in this case, a wrongful death, the situation gets a lot more complicated. In these cases involving catastrophic injuries at your job, it’s important to get the advice of a Riverview personal injury lawyer. Our workers comp attorneys at The Frank Santini Law Firm offer free consultations and can help guide you and your family through a difficult time after a devastating personal injury accident on the job.

The term “wrongful death” means that someone has died because of another person or organization’s negligence. To say that you caused the wrongful death of another person could mean a lot of things. On the most basic of levels, it could mean you did something that caused the wrongful death like a distracted driving car accident. Or, it could mean you did not do something and if you had done something, a wrongful death would have been prevented. A great example of this is in defective drug cases, where personal injury lawyers argue a certain pharmaceutical company should have warned the people taking its drugs of the side effects. Wrongful death trucking accidents are regrettably more common due to the sheer size of the semi-trucks involved. On-the-job accidents are likewise common but rarely result in a wrongful death. In some industries, however, like construction and roofers, wrongful death accidents happen from traumatic brain injuries and other personal injury workplace accidents.

If you have a question about a wrongful death case and are looking for a wrongful death attorney near Riverview, or anywhere in Florida, call us today for an absolutely free consultation.

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