Weighing Cancer Risks of Roundup Weed Killer for Florida Farmers

Weighing Cancer Risks of Roundup Weed Killer for Florida Farmers

Roundup weed killer has been linked to cancer and several court cases across the country have determined that that Roundup was a significant factor in causing the cancer of the people bringing the Roundup cancer lawsuits. This presents an obvious financial dilemma for Monsanto – the maker of Roundup weed killer. And, for those who keep up with news of corporate mergers and acquisitions, Monsanto was recently acquired by Bayer, a German company. Thus, the financial burden of the potential liability of hundreds of billions of dollars of Roundup cancer lawsuits falls on Bayer and its shareholders.

Can Stores still Sell Roundup Weed Killer?

So, why hasn’t Bayer pulled Roundup off the shelves? Aside from the fact that it has not been outlawed as a consumer or commercial product, it is still a money maker for Monsanto and Bayer because it is a valuable tool for Florida farmers.

My grandfather was the farmer’s farmer. He was a World War II combat veteran in the Battle of the Bulge. When he returned home from Germany after the war he worked at the Pentagon and would hitchhike home on the weekends to help out on the farm. Our neighbors, most of whom were farmers themselves, adored my grandfather. As cliché as it may be to write, he really was one of those neighbors that never hesitated to lend a helping hand.

He was a man of relentless work ethic. If there was a product that could help him do his job even better, he was not afraid to use it. In fact, if my grandfather were still with us today, I know what he would say in response to the link between Roundup and cancer. There would be no question that the cancer risks of Roundup would barely enter into his analysis of whether or not to use Roundup to kill the weeds that tried to suffocate his corn and soybean crops. As he used to say, “I’m trying to make a living here!”

A lot of farmers across Florida are saying the same thing. No doubt by now many farmers have seen the headlines. Roundup has been linked to cancer and the makers of Roundup have been sued for billions of dollars. But our farmers in central Florida need to make a living, so how can we blame our farmers for using Roundup despite the risks?

Farmers in Polk County and throughout Florida seem to universally agree on the utility of the Roundup product as a weed killer. It makes the process of growing crops like soybeans much easier and more efficient and helps produce larger yields.

Did Monsanto know Roundup causes Cancer?

So, while we can’t lay fault at the hands of our farmers for using Roundup, we can lay blame on someone. That someone is the manufacturer of Roundup, Monsanto. The reason we can blame Monsanto and Monsanto’s new owner, Bayer, is because evidence has come out in these Roundup cancer personal injury lawsuits that the corporate executives, who likely never even worked on a farm themselves, were deliberately concealing the results of scientific studies on the health effects of Roundup.

While many farmers like my grandfather would have ignored the warnings linking Roundup to cancer, there are still many farmers, landscapers, and casual users who would have ceased using it or taken additional precautions had they been properly warned. This failure to warn is the gist of these lawsuits alleging Roundup causes cancer.

People have a right to know if the product they are using can cause them some non-obvious harm. When millionaires in offices far away from the farms and gardens where their product is sprayed decided that it’s not in their business interest to warn innocent folks they could get cancer from using their product, that’s when aggressive Riverview personal injury attorneys need to step in. That is when we need to be thankful for our legal system, as flawed some may view it, that we have a mechanism to get justice against these corporations who think they are above the law.

Well, now with recent personal injury jury verdicts in the hundreds of millions of dollars, these corporations are paying and they should be made to continue to pay until every last person who was not given a chance to make a choice about risking cancer is compensated.

Florida Roundup Cancer Attorney

If you know someone suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma ask them if they used Roundup weed killer. If they used it, even if it was just spraying occasionally around the yard, they may have a claim. Other cancers besides non-Hodgkin lymphoma have also been linked to Roundup. We have Tampa Bay personal injury lawyers on standby 24 / 7 to discuss Roundup cancer lawsuits in Florida. Call us today for a free consultation at (813) 445-6121.

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