Tampa Bay Wrongful Death Pedestrian Accident in Clearwater

Tampa Bay Wrongful Death Pedestrian Accident in Clearwater

A Tampa Bay car accident in Clearwater resulted in the wrongful death of a pedestrian on February 4, 2019. At approximately 5pm, two pedestrians were struck in a car accident, killing one of them at the scene. The driver of the vehicle reportedly failed to negotiate a turn resulting in him driving onto the sidewalk, where the pedestrians were walking. This pedestrian wrongful death car accident is still under investigation, no further information has been released.

The Frank Santini Law Firm’s Riverview, FL personal injury attorneys pass on their prayers and thoughts to all friends and family of those connected to this accident. The trauma, pain and stress after losing a loved one to negligence is difficult to describe in a few short words. For lack of anything but cliché phrases, we do understand and we are dedicated to achieving justice in Tampa Bay wrongful death cases and holding the responsible parties accountable. The Riverview wrongful death lawyers at our firm are here to help put this horrible event behind those affected by tragic fatal accidents.

For a Tampa Bay wrongful death lawsuit in Hillsborough County or Pinellas County, the “plaintiff” is the “personal representative” of the deceased’s estate. A personal representative is named in the victim’s will if there is one. A lot of wrongful death victims do not have a will, so, in those cases, the Hillsborough Circuit Court or Pinellas Circuit Court assign a representative. The purpose of the wrongful death case is to help the beneficiaries of the deceased’s estate. Beware that a wrongful death lawsuit can get complicated very quickly. The Riverview wrongful death attorney at The Frank Santini Law Firm can help. If you have lost a loved one, our wrongful death law firm offers free consultations.

The experience of getting into a personal injury accident or losing a loved one to a wrongful death is extremely difficult. Our Riverview personal injury attorneys are here to help ease some of the stress associated with car accidents and other personal injury accidents. If your loved one has been the victim of a Tampa Bay wrongful death accident due to the neglect act of another, call us day or night for a free consultation at 813-445-6121

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