Tampa Bay Personal Injury Truck Accident on Selmon Expressway in Palm River

Tampa Bay Personal Injury Truck Accident on Selmon Expressway in Palm River

A Palm River personal injury truck accident occurred on June 3, 2020 involving a semitruck and a car at Selmon Expressway and 50th Street. It is unclear exactly how the East Tampa car accident happened and who was at fault, as this Clair-Mel truck crash is still under investigation.

Large trucks like 18-wheelers that travel many Clair-Mel roads carry as much as 40 tons of weight. The average car only weighs 2 tons. A good analogy for those readers out there who played sports: while the larger person doesn’t always win, if he or she is large and running fast the collision will be more devastating than with an average-sized person traveling at the same speed. The same principle applies to tractor trailers. While a Riverview personal injury accident involving a car traveling at 35mph may result in minor injuries, a Tampa trailer truck accident at the same speed can cause catastrophic injuries. Too often, big rig accidents in Hillsborough County lead to a Tampa wrongful death. Palm River truck accidents have many common causes.

  • Tractor Trailer trucks equipment failure
  • Semi-Truck not maintained properly causes accident
  • 18 Wheeler truck carries over-sized load
  • Distracted truck drivers using their cell phone

There are also many potential OSHA violations that can occur in the delivery truck and tractor trailer truck community. Our big truck accident attorney in Riverview will give you as much time as you need in a free consultation. Ask for managing partner, Frank Santini, our Riverview personal injury lawyer, for a free and confidential consultation at (813) 445-6121.

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