Hillsborough County, FL Car Accident Statistics

Hillsborough County, FL Car Accident Statistics

Hillsborough County Traffic Accident Statistics

Most of us don’t want to spend our time reviewing personal injury car accident data like the information found here. But, for those of us who get behind the wheel every day, reading Riverview, Florida accident statistics is pretty sobering. There have already been 86 fatal car crashes in Hillsborough County this year. Over 5,000 car accidents here in Riverview and throughout Hillsborough County have resulted in personal injuries. There have already been 9 bicycle wrongful death accidents in Hillsborough County in 2022 alone.

Unless you work for the Florida Highway Patrol, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, or some other traffic and car accident safety administration, you probably wouldn’t spend much time perusing the aforementioned Riverview car accident data. The point here, though, is maybe all of us who drive automobiles should spend some time thinking about the implications of car accidents in Riverview and how that affects the decisions we make on the road. The reality of driving every day is that we are faced with a flood of decisions to make each moment.

Many of us have spent thousands of hours driving, and for those of us who have lived in Riverview for a long time, driving on main thoroughfares like US-301 and I-75, and I-4. After thousands of hours of driving the same roads in Riverview, many aspects of driving our cars become unconscious. In one sense, this is a good thing because we become better drivers with practice (of course, I’m sure we all know a few people who will always be bad drivers). In another sense, unfortunately, our increased skill from driving so many thousands of hours leaves many of us complacent behind the wheel.

Complacency leads to distracted driving. Distracted driving killed over 3,000 people in one (1) year in the U.S. according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Most of these people lost their lives due to cell phone use while driving. The vast majority of the car accident cases we handle in Riverview are rear-end auto accidents on US-301, Gibsonton Drive, US-41, I-4, and other roads throughout Riverview, Lithia, Brandon and Apollo Beach. Many of us are guilty of looking down for a moment, whether it’s looking down at our cell phone or something else, and have experienced that gut-wrenching feeling of looking up and realizing we have to slam our brakes before we hit the vehicle stopped in front of us. That moment when we nearly are negligent and barely avoid causing a car accident is usually a fleeting moment of terror.

The  Hillsborough County, FL car accident statistics we briefly reviewed in this article, however, should not be as transient in our minds. Those statistics represent real moms, dads, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, and loved ones who have experienced serious personal injury or wrongful death; many because of distracted driving.

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