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The pharmaceutical companies who make the drugs we take to get better have a responsibility to warn us about the potential side effects of these medications. Unfortunately, and sometimes very tragically, these big pharma companies fail to warn the very people they are ostensibly trying to help of known life-threatening side effects. Our Tampa Januvia pancreatic cancer lawyer is currently investigating lawsuits against diabetes drugs like Januvia because litigation has arisen across several courts alleging that Januvia causes pancreatic cancer in some patients. Contact The Frank Santini Law Firm so we can get started.

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Januvia falls within a class of diabetes pharmaceutical prescriptions called Incretin Mimetics. Other incretin drugs include Victoza, Janumet, and Byetta. These type 2 diabetes drugs help regulate blood sugar because they contain hormones that make the pancreas produce more insulin. Unfortunately, for pancreatic cancer victims, over-working the pancreas can increase the risk of cancer in the pancreas. Recent litigation has demonstrated that the makers of Januvia and other incretin drugs may have known that innocent patients taking them had an increased chance of developing pancreatic cancer. Side-effects are common in the pharmaceutical industry, but the makers of Januvia failed to properly warn diabetes sufferers of the potential for pancreatic cancer from taking these drugs. The makers of Januvia also failed to warn doctors, hospitals, and nurses about the link between Januvia and pancreatic cancer. Call our Tampa Januvia pancreatic cancer lawyer at The Frank Santini Law Firm for a free consultation. Our firm can help determine whether you have a chance to receive a Januvia settlement after developing pancreatic cancer.

Tampa Januvia Pancreatic Cancer Lawyer

Now, we must be clear about the implication of Januvia and pancreatic cancer. Januvia does not cause pancreatic cancer in all patients or even most patients taking the drug, because, if that were the case, it would have been taken off the market by the FDA immediately. What has happened, however, is that court cases have been filed stating that Januvia has been linked to an increased chance of pancreatic cancer, and that Januvia has caused pancreatic cancer in some patients. What the makers of Januvia, Merck, failed to do, was properly warn the diabetes patients taking Januvia of this horrible potential side effect.

While additional studies are needed to pull Incretin drugs like Januvia off the market, pancreatic cancer lawsuits against Januvia continue to grow. At The Frank Santini Law Firm, we work with a network of experienced pancreatic cancer attorneys across the country to team up and earn justice for our clients. The tragic nature of pancreatic cancer is that it is very difficult to diagnose because symptoms are often unclear during the first stages. When pancreatic cancer symptoms become obvious, in many cases, the cancer has already spread. As a result, unfortunately, when clients come to us that have previously taken Januvia or other Incretin diabetes drugs, they are often dealing with a poor prognosis.

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Don’t be discouraged by the thought of paying a Tampa Januvia pancreatic cancer lawyer to file a Januvia cancer lawsuit. At The Frank Santini Law Firm, our cancer attorneys work on Januvia cases for a contingency fee. A contingency fee means that the lawyer does not get paid unless the client gets paid. Contact The Frank Santini Law Firm today so we can get started.