The Evolution of a Riverview Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The Evolution of a Riverview Motorcycle Accident Attorney

There are few things more liberating and exhilarating than riding a hog down an open stretch of road. I must admit that I don’t write the previous sentence from first person experience but rather from countless classic stories I’ve heard over the years from friends and family. My fond motorcycle experiences derive from riding with my father on his Harley when I was barely 7 years old around the rural country roads near our farm outside Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

Before I became a Riverview motorcycle accident attorney, my biggest connection to the motorcycle community was wrestling for Florida Underground Wrestling in biker bars all over the state. Wrestling at biker bars was one of my favorite experiences as a professional wrestler because the fans were just awesome and weren’t afraid to give me hell (my wrestler character was a bad guy lawyer who would cheat to win his matches).

When I went to law school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to make a difference. I found my calling in representing the seriously injured because I saw a lot of motorcycle accident attorneys out there who lacked empathy and really didn’t connect with their clients. Often these types of motorcycle accident lawyers would say that really getting to know their clients doesn’t make a difference. But, after a decade into my law practice, I know it does. Now, I am a motorcycle accident lawyer representing clients in Riverview, Brandon and throughout the state of Florida.

Unfortunately, Florida leads the nation in motorcycle accident fatalities. The reasons for the plethora of motorcycle accidents in Florida are diverse. As with car accidents and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents often and regrettably stem from preventable negligence like distracted driving by other drivers (i.e. texting, facebooking, etc.) and drunk driving. More rarely, motorcycles have been improperly repaired by the service facility or contain manufacturing defects.

As a result, a lot of Brandon motorcycle accident lawyers, Riverview motorcycle accident lawyers, and Florida motorcycle accident lawyers in general are paying close attention to motorcycle accidents pretending they care about the community. The motorcycle community has the right to a lawyer who cares, who knows what it’s like to be a rebel and do things a little different. Call Santini Law today, your REAL Riverview Motorcycle Accident lawyer and wrongful death lawyer.

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