Tampa Helicopter Crash Attorney

Tampa Helicopter Crash Attorney

As helicopter aviation has become safer and safer, the headline-grabbing tragedies that tend to come with helicopter accidents are thankfully rare. But, according to the FAA, each year there are still over 100 helicopter accidents in the United States. On average, between 15 – 20 of those accidents are fatal helicopter crashes.

Why You Need an Attorney

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigates Tampa wrongful death helicopter crashes and helicopter accidents all over Florida and the country. But, just because the NTSB investigates a Tampa helicopter accident does not mean your Riverview helicopter accident attorney shouldn’t do his or her own investigation. Depending on the results of the NTSB investigation, a further investigation of the helicopter accident may be needed to reveal all the facts. In addition to a thorough investigation with aviation experts, Tampa Bay helicopter accident lawyers must evaluate the relevant federal and Florida helicopter case law, and federal and Florida helicopter safety and material safety regulations.

The FAA has publicized its efforts to push helicopter companies and helicopter pilots to make safety a priority. There have even been rules put in place in which employees of helicopter owners can report unsafe conditions without concern for being fired. In a further effort to increase safety, in 2013 the FAA established a new policy – the Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment policy, which permits helicopter operators and helicopter manufacturers to install safety equipment without the typical, long bureaucratic process formerly required by the FAA.

Furthermore, by January 1, 2020, the FAA has ruled that the Auto­matic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast system (ADS-B) must be put into helicopters flying in busy airspace like Tampa. This technology helps provide more information about a helicopter’s position, assisting helicopter pilots.

Helicopter crash cases are some of the most complex forms of litigation in personal injury law. In every fatal Tampa helicopter accident, an investigation must be conducted of not only the pilot but of all the key engine and other parts of the helicopter to see if a wrongful death lawsuit against the manufacturer of the helicopter parts is necessary.

Further complicating matters are the risk of those innocent people on the ground when a helicopter crashes. Innocent pedestrians, airfield employees, and even drivers and passengers of cars and trucks have been tragically killed by helicopters.

Fatal aviation accidents often rock a community, affecting multiple people and garnering news coverage. If you have a question about a helicopter crash in Tampa Bay or elsewhere in Florida, contact our Brandon helicopter crash lawyers today for a free consultation. Our Tampa helicopter crash attorneys work with a number of experts in the field, as well as other aviation law firms to create a team to bring you and your loved ones justice.

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