Sarasota Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accident

Sarasota Wrongful Death Motorcycle Accident

A wrongful death motorcycle accident occurred Sunday, June 28, 2020 just an hour from Tampa in Sarasota. An SUV driven by a 29-year old women, drifted into the eastbound lane and hit the front of a Harley Davidson motorcycle causing a Sarasota wrongful death. The driver of the motorcycle, a 58-year-old man, and his passenger, a 54-year-old woman, were pronounced dead at the scene. Our Tampa Bay wrongful death lawyers pass along their sincerest sympathies to the friends and family of those involved in this personal injury motorcycle accident.

Sadly, our Tampa wrongful death attorney has received a lot of calls recently about motorcycle accidents throughout Florida. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Florida leads the United States in motorcycle fatalities. In 2015 alone, over 600 motorcycle drivers and passengers were the victims of a fatal motorcycle accident in Florida.

Who to Call after Motorcycle Accident

Medical attention always has to be the first priority for you and everyone involved. That vital piece of information aside, here are some things to consider in the moments, days, and months following a motorcycle accident.

1) Call the police. Law enforcement will document the accident and make an initial determination identifying the at-fault driver.

2) Yes, you should photograph your injuries after a motorcycle accident. In many Riverview car accident lawsuits, the personal injuries are internal. But, with motorcycle accidents the personal injuries often also involve harsh skin abrasions, lacerations and cuts, as well as open bone fractures and other personal injuries visible to the naked eye.

3) Gather contact information of witnesses. In many instances, the only witnesses will be the motorcyclist and the other driver that negligently caused the motorcycle accident. But, on occasion, there is a valuable witness that saw everything. The police should speak to this witness and document their contact information, but, just in case, you should gather the witness contact information as well.

4) Should I photograph the damage to my motorcycle after an accident? Yes absolutely. While you’re at it, photograph the damage to the other driver(s) vehicles, too.

5) Notify your auto insurance company about the accident.

6) If you are going to sue the other driver for a personal injury motorcycle lawsuit, one of the key points will be how has your life changed as a result of the motorcycle accident. Keeping notes, a journal, even a simple email to yourself about things that you are going through will help you as you progress through the Tampa Bay motorcycle lawsuit.

7) It can’t be emphasized enough – see a doctor at an emergency room or urgent care as soon as you possibly can after a motorcycle accident. If you are directed to receive regular medical care thereafter, be diligent about going to your doctor appointments.

Wrongful Death Motorcycle Lawyer Tampa

Our wrongful death lawyer in Tampa has experienced the devastation and heartbreak first-hand in losing a loved one to a wrongful death accident. Mr. Santini’s uncle and Godfather was lost in a wrongful death farming accident a few years ago. In addition to wrongful death accidents and personal injury car wrecks, Attorney Santini also teams with other top Florida cancer class action lawyers in handling mass tort cases for those who been sickened with cancer because of a product or pharmaceutical drug – Roundup, Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder lawsuits, Zantac lawsuits and other dangerous drugs or products.

If you have a question and want to talk to a Riverview motorcycle accident attorney, we always have a motorcycle crash lawyer on call to help clients and prospective clients get justice. Call our office 24/7 to speak with a car accident lawyer in Riverview at (813) 445-6121.

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