Brett Favre Fighting Distracted Driving Helping Prevent Personal Injury & Wrongful Deaths

Brett Favre Fighting Distracted Driving Helping Prevent Personal Injury & Wrongful Deaths

In a new public service announcement, NFL football legend Brett Favre has joined the fight against distracted driving, which is really a battle to educate as many people as possible about the extreme danger of driving while looking down at your phone. The “that won’t happen to me” mentality is the one of biggest psychological obstacles to overcome. The iPhone/smart phone has become so ubiquitous, such an integral part of our lives, for some, it is no longer natural not to immediately check messages and not type out a thought that has come to mind. But, each day in Tampa Bay, throughout Florida, and, quite frankly, throughout the world, we encounter the tragedy of wrongful death and personal injury accidents from distracted driving.

Just last night a wrongful death car accident on US-41 in Palmetto claimed a life. From reports from Florida Highway Patrol, it appears the deceased was a rear-end car accident victim. While we don’t yet know what the at-fault driver was doing, distracted driving will certainly be investigated by law enforcement for this Riverview wrongful death car accident near i-75. One of, if not the biggest danger of distracted driving accidents in Riverview and throughout Tampa Bay, is that looking down at the phone slows reaction time preventing drivers from avoiding rear-end collisions.

A few weeks ago, there was a wrongful death SUV accident on Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa. In September, just down US-301 from our Riverview personal injury law office near Lake St. Charles, a vehicle crashed into another law firm setting the business on fire. Time will tell whether some of these wrongful death car accidents and personal injury cases were the result of intoxication, distracted driving or some other cause. What is important is to keep spreading the message: Distracted driving leads to wrongful death; leads to personal injury; leads to ruined lives. The habit is what we need to fight. The innate desire to look down at the notification. Every split-second moment that is spent looking at the road can help prevent a devastating personal injury car accident. Thank you, Brett Favre, for helping spread the message that all of us, particularly us parents, need to spread.

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